Who We Are

Visionaries. Rebel rousers. Creators. Problem solvers. Storytellers.

The people of Invasion are a rare breed—a left and right-brained group of artists born from the ad biz. We know how to capture the essence of your concept, whatever it may be, and turn it into a living, breathing piece of work you’d be proud to put in your portfolio.

Our roots began in the advertising agency world, and because of that, we know exactly how much energy and effort goes into a project before it even gets the final stamp of approval from the client. The rounds of the review, the revisions, the late nights and the countless cans of Red Bull. That’s why once your concept comes into our hands, we want to make it as easy as possible for you from pre-pro to post. After all, this is the fun part.

Let us help you tell your story.

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Kelley Leger

principal // producer // director

Kelley Leger

Kelley Leger began Directing and Producing for Film & Television in 2001. He is known for the hundreds of Television Commercials he’s directed, seen worldwide. Currently you can see the hit show Storage Hunters on TruTV, which Kelley helped get picked up and spur an entire new television genre “The Auction Show”.

Pauliina Meli

principal // Producer

Pauliina Meli

Having worked with some of the biggest advertising agencies on the planet on the biggest brands around, Pauliina has been an intricate part of Invasion’s team. She has produced national TV commercials and some of her work can be seen worldwide. Brands like Asics Shoes, Mystic Tan, and Yoshinoya all have called on the expertise of Pauliina in recent years. As well as celebrity talent like Cesar Millan and Tiny “Deebo” Lister.