Invasion has now finished  creating 3 Rubio’s web videos for Red Door Interactive. Shooting comedy is fun, and we have had our fair share of that fun in the past 10 years, but it is witty and brilliant writing that makes a comedy spot stand out. Thanks to writer Sarah Hughes and all the amazing […]

Newest Music Video Reel Posted

So Invasion has worked on a few music projects over the years. Here’s a look at our most recent Music Video Reel where you’ll see locations from Nashville to Miami to Socal. Continue reading to see: Music Video Reel 3.0   INVASION  Call / Email for a quote today: 310-405-0966    

Lenovo Job for Bulldog Drummond Advertising

We are wrapping lenovo job today. This could have been a boring powerpoint presentation, but the brilliant advertising folks at Bulldog Drummond had some uncommon sense. We took flat still images and made them come to life through layered 3D renderings woven together with lenovo’s branded red ribbon design. Here’s a sneak peak:    INVASION  […]

Invasion awarded job!

Invasion Director Kelley Leger was just awarded job for Pfizer Pharmaceutical. Congrats Mr. Léger!!! INVASION  Call / Email for a quote today: 310-405-0966              

“Worked with Invasion and all I can say is that they’ll be a part of all my music videos for years to come. And an absolute pleasure to work with. Highly recommend them to anyone!” Malek Zavaro – Recording Artist